Review: Star Trek Terra Incognita #6

Mirror Barclay is discovered aboard the Prime Enterprise by Mirror Data. The price for abandoning his post on Stargazer is death and Data is ready to bring him to justice. Unfortunately for them, all of this is happening on the Enterprise, a ship whose crew does not take kindly to intruders.

A delightful, action-packed end to a mostly hit-and-miss series.

Terra Incognita #6 Cover by Tony Shasteen

Terra Incognita will go down as a landmark series in IDW Trek’s history if for nothing else then the following two reasons: one – a series that tried something different. Each issue is a mostly self contained one shot focusing on a particular character. Two – the character in focus tended to be overlooked by the cinematic run of TNG and these issues compensate for this and, by giving them a full story, celebrate them.

That being said my opinions on the series overall remain mixed to positive. Some of these single issues landed great. K’ehleyr’s story, for instance, is beautiful and hearbtreaking. The others, like Dr. Crusher’s story? It read like an exposition dump contained in twenty five pages.

But this final issue loses the one-shot narrative structure for something greater: a solid, exciting end to the series.

Warning: Spoilers for Terra Incognita #1 to #5 follow.

Interior art by Carlos Nieto

Catch me up, Scotty

Continuing events that unfolded in Terra Incognita #1 Mirror Barclay’s infiltration of the Prime Enterprise after hiding his mild-mannered counterpart away is halted rudely. In the final pages of #5 Mirror Data corners Barclay, determined to kill him for betraying Mirror Picard and his Stargazer crew.

The resulting commotion alerts the Enterprise crew and a chase across the long halls ensues. Barclay has a bargaining chip but Data is not buying. Luckily for him another member of the Stargazer crew has found his way to the ship also and might be open to hearing him out.

The Writing

I have, in the past, criticized the Tiptons’ writing. Their word bubbles get … well, too wordy for me at times. I’m talking fifty words in a single bubble. Thankfully this issue does not suffer from that at all. Tiptons write this one to the point, letting go of long sentences in favor of phasers going pew pew. What more can a comic book Trekkie ask for?

The Art

Holy Kahless! Where has IDW been hiding Carlos Nieto? With every pencil stroke Carlos captures our beloved characters’ likeness perfectly which, I’m sure, is why he was brought on board. Why is this review going to be a plea to keep him on board?

Because his action scenes are spectacular, that’s why. Just look at these panels below and tell me that is not a great representation of an Enterprise chase scene:

Interior art by Carlos Nieto

What’s wrong, Jim?

No complaints on this issue at all. A great final issue and I cannot wait for the Mirror-Prime adventures to continue.

Glory to the Empire!

Final rating: Warp 9 out of 10


Author: Shashank Avvaru

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